Use of Club Equipment

Use of club equipment outside of a scheduled club training session


   Our insurance will only cover the use of club craft in the following scenarios:


Club Session: Providing you are a member of SLSGB and Portreath SLSC then the membership of SLSGB provides the benefit of the insurance cover, and the Club membership, the managed activity that we approve and that the insurance covers.

In the case of a member of both and if the training is in accordance with the National Safety Guidelines then it is covered by our insurance – Organised and supervised by a Level 2 Coach, Risk Assessments and in compliance with the Clubs SOP etc.



Club Kit can only be used outside of the training sessions if you are over the age of 18, hold a current and valid award for the activity together with a Lifesaving award, and all the Risk Assessments have been completed.


If you are over 16 and if under 18 you must be accompanied by a member who is 18 or over and holds a current Lifesaving award and valid award for the activity and Risk Assessment completed.



Any damage to equipment needs to be recorded and the Gear Steward notified.


If you are taking kit off the beach to another SLSGB training session or competition, first ask permission from Gary Prisk, then please remember that you or your parent are responsible for the kit, care needs to be taken when loading on your vehicle.


No club equipment is to be taken out of the club at any other time!!!


SLSGB Insurance does not cover you taking part in Non-accredited Training Sessions or Events. Please check that the provider has Insurance in place.


The Club Kit record book need to be completed outside of club activities.


June 2017