Battle of the Nippers

Ok information for Friday.

Registration 5.30

Start 6pm

Wetsuits and high vis tops please

Board relay boys and girls x 2 teams
4 paddlers 4 runners
Will be 2 course lengths (inner & outer cans) so younger once will do a shorter course.

Surf teams boys and girls x 2 teams

Beach relay boys and girls x 2 teams (stay in wetsuits)
4 runners per relay

Tug of War
Teams pull out of hat winner of each go again for 1st & 2nd other 2 teams for 3rd & 4th

Points = 1st 10pts 2nd 9pts and so on.

Each team will have a joker to play if you win when your play your joker you double your points (20pts) only if you win!!

Everyone is to race, Sandhoppers can do any run legs and anyone else who is not sure about going in the water speck to your managers and you can do run legs as well.

If you know you can’t make it leave a message on your teams line up so your managers will have an idea of who they have.

BBQ and Bar will be open so come down enjoy the races and stay for a bit of food have a drink and a little social.

See you all Friday