Recognised Club Activities

Recognised Club Activities covered by the SLSGB Insurance


Club Session for Lifesaving Education and Lifesaving Sport Training: Providing you are a member of SLSGB and Portreath SLSC then the membership of SLSGB provides the benefit of the insurance cover, and the Club membership provides the managed activity that we approve and that the insurance covers.

In the case of a member of both and if the training is in accordance with the National Safety Guidelines then it is covered by our insurance – Organised and supervised by a Level 2 Coach, Risk Assessments and in compliance with the Clubs SOP etc.

Participants in Taster sessions are included providing they become Day members.


Also covered are individual members undertaking Surf Lifesaving Ski or Board Practise or training activity outside organised Club activity but only:-

  • When the activity is in accordance with Club Operating Procedures;
  • With the Club approved equipment;
  • When the individual member holds the current and valid award for that activity;
  • If the member is over the age of 16 and if 18 must be accompanied by a member who is 18or over who holds a current and valid award for the activity
  • This activity has been added to the Club SOP and in doing so members need to undertake the relevant risk assessment and provide appropriate safety guidance to those undertaking the activity, all members must be are aware of this.



All involved must be current members of SLSGB.


Special Notes:


All under the age of 16 will only be covered by SLSGB insurance when taking part in Recognised Activity as described above.


The activity must not be a commercial arrangement for profit or reward “A business activity”.


June 2017.



Full details of the Club Insurance & Policy Details are available on the Club website.