New Nipper Programme

The Nipper Lifesaver Pathway is a new, exciting, interactive programme for your club’s Nippers based on age group club activity. It is full of lifesaving knowledge and skills that allows your Nippers to gain confidence and regular recognition for their achievements. Most important of all, it is the first step to becoming competent Lifesavers and for sport competency.

The Log book offers choices and provides Club Trainers with a framework to organise sessions according to ability with clear and easy to achieve goals and each Nipper will have a complete record of their progress and achievements in the Nipper Lifesaver Pathway Logbook. Each stage (Bronze, Silver and Gold) is split into three steps with regular opportunities for Nippers to be recognised and rewarded for their progress and achievements.

Each stage costs £7 per individual. This price includes the Nipper Logbook, two certificates (the Knowledge and the Award Achievement) and the Ocean Star pin badge, which in 2019 onwards will provide the age group sport competency skills evidence required for all Nipper sport events.

You can find out more about the New Nipper Pathway and download useful material here.

The sign-up process for clubs is simple and easy to follow. Find how to get your Club signed up now here.